Barricading Tape

Barricading Tape

Aiming to be a front runner in our industry, our company is engaged in manufacturing and distributing a wide array of Barricades Tapes. They are generally used for numerous applications including construction sites, crime scenes, road constructions, highway repairing, traffic control, and as a warning sign as well. Within this category, we supply Barricade Green Tape, Danger Stripes Tapes, and Men At Work Tape. These tapes are fabricated of a top-quality thermoplastic material that is sturdy and flexible and are available in two or more colors. They are wrapped around the poles as a warning sign to keep people out of the restricted area.

What are Barricade Tapes?

Barricades tapes are usually used to keep people out of certain restricted areas by creating temporary boundaries that should not be crossed. They also offer a simple and low-cost alternative for painting lines on the ground that will still last long enough to keep workers safe and distinguish different zones of a worksite, restricted area, or parking lot. The tape is typically yellow or orange and can be easily seen in low-light conditions. Some barricade tapes come pre-cut into various shapes such as squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc., while others require cutting before use.

  • They are available in easily visible bright & vibrant color
  • These tapes are popular for their reflective capabilities after dark
  • Known for their excellent tear resistance, these tapes have a high reputation in the market

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