Low Melting Batch Inclusion EVA Bags

Batch Inclusion EVA Bags for Rubber & Tyre Industry

EVA Bags

Applying our cutting-edge technology, we can produce the highest-quality EVA Bags for product packaging needs. High-quality resins are used for the manufacture of the EVA bags, and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques are employed to produce them per industry standards. These bags are well-regarded for their notable features such as excellent dispensing ability and compatibility.

Applications of Batch Inclusion EVA Bags

Batch inclusion bags are utilized for packaging a range of rubber chemicals based on the size of the batch to be mixed inside the Banbury/Internal Mixer.

Internal Mixer temperatures are typically greater than 120 degrees Celsius, while EVA bags melt at 80 degrees Celsius, and all of the chemicals inside mix with other substances of the rubber compound.

These batch inclusion bags are very much compatible with other ingredients of rubber compounds & being a part of the compound, it increases the weight too.

Low melting EVA bags are manufactured from extremely thin yet durable plastic that is designed to melt at very low temperatures.

Specification of Batch Inclusion Bags

  • EVA BAG-65 DSC SP 65-70 Degree Celsius
  • EVA BAG-80 DSC SP 80-85 degree Celsius
  • EVA BAG-100 DSC SP 100-110 degree Celsius
  • Width - 6"-90"
  • Length- As per requirement
  • Thickness - 25 micron to 150 micron
  • Color - Natural, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Orange


  • Resistant to tear
  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional accuracy

Benefits of using Batch Inclusion Bags

  • Improves quality and batch to batch uniformity insures 100% of compound ingredients go into the mixer
  • When doing in-house weightings, batch inclusion bags eliminate the risk of cross-contamination due to chemical residue in tubs and weighing containers Increases productivity
  • The pre-weighed additives eliminate the need to weigh ingredients in-house.
  • Eliminates the need to clean out tubs and weighing containers
  • Reduces product loss due to spillage and minimizes the accumulation of costly additives in the dust collectors
  • Reduces solid waste disposal costs
  • Improves cleanliness of the mixing area
  • Minimizes worker exposure to hazardous materials

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